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What is EEEBCF? in pictures


EEEmpire Beach Cooler Festival is the short answer.
The longer answer is “the time of your life”.
Now that all the photo albums are in, let us recap the key EEEBCF moments:

1. The Festival settings

This year the EEEmpire committee designed an event that is destined to alter the way we celebrate forever. The venue was constructed spaciously with no infrastructure between the event and the ocean. Allowing you to truly party with the beach as your backdrop.
beach set up smler

2. The opportunity to socialise first

Building upon the EEEmpire concept of lime and socialize a bit and then bruck out this Beach Festival just that.

3. The ability to Recline

To complete the beach lime atmosphere EEEBCF featured a line of Livin’ Trini’s authentic Maracas Beach Chairs and umbrellas.

4. The Bake and Shark

Imagine scrumptious, authentic Richard’s Bake and Shark served hot! Not mini bake and shark, full Bake and Shark with ALL the dressings and toppings. For us at EEEmpire, food is essential.

5. EEEmpire’s Happy Hours

For making it to the first ever EEEBCF we rewarded patrons with Happy Hours!

5. This life sized Beach Ball

SO Majestic. The beach balls floated above the crowd and served as the perfect photo backdrop!


5. The Old School Sessions

Where else can David Rudder get this much forward in 2017?

6. Every Single girl in her Bikini! #SwimwearRequired








7. Vibes

To understand, you really needed to be present.


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