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The EEEmpire Striked Back

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In the month of May, The EEEmpire, with their friends and family put on the most spectacular FREE house party ever seen. It was so spectacular, everyone probably forgot it was just a ‘small backyard lime’. Deep in the hills of Maracas St Joseph, our heroes set the stage for an evening of fun and frolic.

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The demand for a good time was high. In three days, between Monday and Wednesday, 500 people responded to the online request for RSVPs. These people were not only early to register, but also early in attendance. At 4pm sharp, SSQUAD’s maxi pulled up with 24 ‘kings and queens’ ready to pump. (Pictured below)

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At first glance, one may assume the lights, CO2 or the house itself made this lime spectacular – but a closer look would reveal something greater. EEEmpire had effectively brought together a group of young professionals for a common purpose in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. This house party was not oversold so one could easily walk through the crowd. This was a major key, as there was a designated wall for the testing of waistlines. Braced against this wall, ladies pressed their denim jeans against the guys, prompted by the dancehall beats.


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Meanwhile, on the balcony, old friends conversed over a box of BBQ. Food and Alcohol, two things we’d never let go of at EEEmpire. EEEmpire Strikes Back V1 teddy-45

At this event the committee prepared for their first big event of 2017 with a real life party experience. For Barbahol, a tighter Dj cast, thumping sound system, bite sized BBQ portions and a female only bar are just a few of the things that will be implemented based on the feedback from the house lime.

Last month, between the Pizza Buffet and this House Party EEEmpire attacked boring Sundays with all they got and achieved a small preliminary victory. For them however, that was not enough.

On June 25th, they plan to eradicate the enemy completely. Barbahol FTW.

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