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Summertime Happiness


Something about the July, August period brings the the urge to experience a bit more of the outdoors. For us at EEEmpire, we’ve been known to frequent Tyrico Bay often for our free beach cooler party series called NAEBL. (Not Another EEEmpire Beach Lime)

With its first installment back in January 2011, we have hosted 14 Beach Limes at Tyrico Bay in total with an average of three each year up till 2014. After our hiatus from the entertainment scene we’ve returned in late 2016 to promote Trinidad and Tobago’s culture and scenery with all we’ve got. While on this mission we intend to keep providing a space for university graduates and young professionals to stay connected.

On June 26th, the day after our Barbahol – we officially announced, NAEBL is back. In 2017, we presented to the world another free beach cooler party. The science of hosting a free event with 800 patrons remains part of the secret formula which makes EEEmpire a one of a kind entertainment outfit.

Advertised as a “bring your beach chair flick” attendees poured into our shuttles, party buses and into their cars. T’was vibes aboard the EEExpress.

Some unfamiliar with the NAEBL concept were alarmed that the atmosphere was quiet and chill at 2pm in the day.  Ladies reclined in the sand on their beach mats and some individuals cooked in Beach Huts.

Recline in the sand in Mayaro Trinidad

Party music started at 5pm and the Djs played a soft blend of throwbacks and feel good music. As the sun set, as is the norm with all of EEEmpire parties, the vibes turned all – and we mean – all the way up. Of course we have video proof for ye non believers.

With the vibes whipped up into a frenzy, Sekon Sta performed his then unreleased single “Lifestyle”. This song is now the official soundtrack for our Beach Festival this Sunday.

Sekon Sta was our NAEBL host since he was a Dj in Vibes Fusion International back in 2011. Dj Cha Cha has been cooking up tunes at our beach parties since 2012 as well. For these entertainers and for all of us another EEEmpire Beach lime was a long awaited homecoming.

Cha Cha cooking up some tunes with Tenstar:

The legacy of NAEBL will now be transferred to something new; our EEEmpire Beach Festival. This will now be our new Beach event held at the place where it all started, Tyrico Bay.

This Sunday we have fun on the sand. Come barefoot, dance, recline and celebrate. NAEBL is forever.

Best of NAEBL in videos:

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