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Red Bull Energy Drink
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This is the only brand to sponsor every single event we have had since November 2009. Red Bull has helped us grow and given us the wiiings to achieve greater heights.

Epidemic Teaseepidemiclogo

Our official jersey sponsor. We put on these cool jerseys, but where do we get them from? You can get your own, go to Bluegrass and pick up one or make a request via Facebook .

Trinsulate CaribbeanTrinsulate 2 Watermark (1) smlr
For everything heavy that needed to be moved. Through their supply of specialised equipment and highly skilled machine operators, we have been able to ‘set the stage’ for our events.

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Smirnoffsmv logo copy

Smirnoff has had faith in us for a while and because of them we have been able to outfit our bartenders and provide Vodka for all. True harmony exists with this brand as we both aim to provide something that is “Not the Usual”.

Body Art CaribbeanBody Art Logo (1)

Feeling for a little artistic expression, Body Art Caribbean can do it. Whether its airbrushed art or tattoos, a simple idea can be turned into breathtaking artwork.

Coca Colalogo_coca

Having good, clean fun has become a major factor in our events no matter the weather. By producing ideas that are as equally refreshing as the drink, EEEmpire treasures Coca Cola’s continued support in opening happiness.

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Tropical Rhythmsjuice ry

No doubt, at any of our events, you will “feel the rhythm” when you sip on this tasty beverage made from the flavourful, exotic fruits of the Caribbean.


Fuelling the body and soul to keep up with our hectic schedules. When preparing for an event, buying material or setting up the venue, a Lucozade is always within reach.

Col Cafe(coffee)

For those long nights of planning memorable events, Colcafe keeps us going into the wee hours of the morning