Beach Festival

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  • Date: September 24, 2017
  • Time: 14:00
  • Location Tyrico Bay, Trinidad
  • Venue: Private Beach

This Republic Day, we take you back into the essence of beach parties!
Our Beach Cooler Festival is an Island Festival which embraces our Islander culture, the beautiful scenery of the beach without any frills.

We return to Tyrico Bay for non stop vibes 2pm till 10pm! 

Experience our HAPPY HOURS!

$1.00 Beer (2-4)
$2.00 Bake and Shark (4-6)
$3.00 White Oak Rum (6-8)

Party barefoot in the sand! 
Swimwear & Flip Flops are Required (No Sneakers allowed) 
• COOLERS [in before 5pm] • Water Slides • Cabanas [must be pre booked]

Recline | Dance | Celebrate


$100.00 Shuttles
Free Rum on the trip to go!
Departure points:
Macoya Junction by the PBR, The northern side of Grand Bazaar and Movie Town by Ruby Tuesdays.

Departure time: 1pm

To book these, simply request a physical shuttle pass from a committee member.

Driving there?

We’ve partnered with two parking spaces and we will be providing free shuttles from each location.

Bayview 2pm till 10pm ($40.00 for parking)

5 reasons to attend our Beach Festival:

1. The experience will be unforgettable. 

2. A. If you support us, we will host a free party and send you a special invite.
2. B. Our parties. Are. Everything.

3. This festival is fun inclusive.
Life sized beach balls! Come frolic with us on the sand. 

4. This is hosted by the people for the people.
The EEEmpire team is a group of young professionals who push the envelope on a good time. We represent the perfect middle ground, there will be only love in the house!

5. We have a history of having the largest FREE BEACH COOLER PARTY in the Caribbean.
We’ve been giving this to the world for FREE for many years, to take it up a notch we’re asking for this one time that you buy a ticket. Once you do, we’d make the years to come into a national festival!
Do it for the culture.