Barbahol 2018

Barbahol Teaser
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  • Date: June 30, 2018
  • Time: 18:00
  • Location St Joseph, Trinidad
  • Venue: Barbahol Grounds

Barbahol is a food and rum based cooler fete where different crews cook different types of BBQ and serve these to patrons between 4pm and 7pm. As the sun sets, the vibes accentuates as is the tradition with EEEmpire. We’ve upgraded our parking and shuttle system to allow for seamless entry and exit to our event! Need a summer time backyard BBQ party? This is it!

Tickets are out now;

What’s app our Hotline: 868-777-4536

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Adam Taylor
Annalise Singh
Ava Jules
Brandon Joseph
Charisse Harris
Christian Cha CHa
Daniel Francis
Dominique Beard
Elena Chin
Jael-Joy Ahye
Jeanne Carr
Kristoff Alexander
Ken Sambury
Kyron Joseph
Mikhail Nicholas
Nicholas Maxwell
Raisa Bailey
Sade Stewart
Shanice mark
Stefan Guevara
Joel Peters
Thais Rozark
Triston Palmer