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EEEmpire Launch Party


The plan was as simple and ambitious; bring all our friends together and have a party everyone would remember for the rest of their lives. This one event should encompass our motif, simple concepts, euphoric results and prove to Trinidad that we can put together a spectacular show. No pressure. In the preparation we strived to put together an event masterpiece with the right people. Lets breakdown the experience which was our Launch Party in parts:

The Entrance -eeempire-launch-party-shoe-bar

Upon Walking into Estate 101 patrons were whisked through a beautiful pathway. Not before leaving their flats at our stiletto bar. For the first time ladies were able to not worry about their feet hurting as they could switch into their flats at any point.

The Cocktails -

Thanks to our title sponsor, Angostura’s White Oak Rum we served up two special cocktails. FISH IN THE BLUE & A HAWAIIAN MARTINI that looked and tasted as exotic as they sound, put together by our loyal mixologist Emmanuel of Simply Shaken Cocktails. The taste was so epic that the line for the cocktails got a bit extreme at some points, so thanks to this overwhelming response we will have a lot more next time!

The Acts -

Provocative Fitness Ladies opened the show with an awe inspiring display of acrobatics and mind blowing stunts that I’m still attempting to understand.



College boy Jesse -

He needs his own heading because he was just that fly. Jesse is a talented soca artiste and prolific writer who is responsible for the 2016 hit, “Go Hard” performed by Machel Montano and Skinny Fabulous among others. Jesse is part of our new EEEmpire team so expect ‘more vibes’ in the near future.

Gold Shoes? Well ok Jesse

Gold Shoes? Well ok Jesse


Sekon Sta and the Soca Squad -

The ‘SSQUAD’ represents the movement of young soca artiste lead by Sekon Sta determined to make good music the people can wine and dance to. This segment carried the party through the moody weather and allowed the vibes to spiral out of control.


The “Magical” combination of Sekon Sta and Nadia Batson grace the stage.


To see GBM Nutron, Voice, Preedy, College Boy Jesse, 5 Star Akil and Sekon Sta all share a stage in the pouring rain was a unique moment in our country’s history.

Featured in this set were the 2016 International Soca Monarch’s second and first place winners Preedy and Voice.
Preedy:  “Yuh see when they come and say, rain gonna stop this party … yuh hear wha I tell dem”
Voice: “Mih say nah nah nah, mi nah nah nah”
And that is when the party got drastic.


The Fire

The Launch Party was literally LIT. Literally LIT.

The Ratio

We had a certified ratio of 3 ladies to 1 guy. Ladies came out to SLAY.

The Vibes

ft. Selector Caleb and Private Ryan

With the event in full swing, Caleb and Nesta selected a mix of hip hop that had the entire party jumping. By the time Private Ryan came on, his hour of strictly dancehall carried the party into a state of euphoria – rendering it virtually impossible to do anything BUT vibes. Believe me, Ken tried:

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In Summary.

The Launch Party was everything



Launch Party Photo Gallery 1 
Launch Party Photo Gallery 2
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