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EEEmpire Anniversary Party

Celebrate 17-58

Just about a year ago, we reignited our commitment to keep our nightlife as lit as possible. We embarked upon an ambitious journey, planning a total of seven events from May till December.

As Ajala Pilgrim said it best. (see video below)

This year we stretched summer to September with a Beach Festival celebrating the beach.

A game of guess which EEEmpire Party was this!

Which EEEmpire Party was this?

As a fitting closing to our year of events we decided to Celebrate 17. Celebrating 2017 on December 17th. Beyond this, celebrating seven years of events from 2008 till 2014 & one year in 2017. Celebrating 1+7.

A Nightclub party that was VAStly Different

A Nightclub party that was VAStly Different

On Sunday it was almost as though the stars had aligned – headlined with Djs who have played tunes with us for years such as Selector Caleb, Watty and Shomari KRL  paired with new vibes starters, Major Penny and Private Ryan the evening started as a social mixer and ended in an EEEmpire jam session.

Shomari Smith whipped the crowd into a Frenzy!

Shomari KRL whipped the crowd into a Frenzy!

There is a special science behind our 8-9 hour events. Our events start off as a mixer, the music is a bit lower and the event brighter. Usually the sun would be out for an hour or two. Here is where you meet your next soul mate or business partner.

Sophisticated Socialization

Sophisticated Socialization

As the alcohol settles and the crowd swells our events are known for a four hour climax of partying. With the climax of our events being extra long Djs are allowed to be extra versatile, moving away from the traditional or trending songs but spinning a full techno session, reggae medleys, Soca parang or old school sessions. The EEEmpire Party is a place you can enjoy that cool EDM session with CO2 covering the crowd and a few mins later get your hot and sultry back to the wall ram ram session.

Our style at EEEmpire transcends the party experience but extends to our family of collaborators – these people who push innovation and will become the future faces of our entertainment landscape.

Nut Jobs

Akilah Bernard, a long time sweetheart of the EEEmpire directors has worked with us in the past leading an entire band for us in Jamaica Campus Carnival in 2012. How fitting it was for us to include her custom made branded coconuts in our Tropical LUAU deck.
Celebrate 17-3

Dr Caliente

Decor guru Calvin Bartholemew and our team date as far back as 2013 Tropical LUAU when we converted Saaman Park into a Hawaiian Island.  In 2017 we forged a new way of building Cabanas that will be a mainstay in our events henceforth.
Celebrate 17-18

Sekon Sta & The Soca Squad Band

Initially we thought of packing our proceedings with performances but Sekon Sta was all we really needed. Sekon Sta and his producer – DeeJay Mega Mick brought out all of Sekon Sta’s hit songs and the crowd sang along to the “top of their lungs”.

Sekon Sta also gave us a sneak preview of his soon to come boxing day hit release City of Angels. A strong road march contender!
C17 -_MG_5370

Meanwhile pork roast came out on the Tropical LUAU Deck.
Celebrate 17-102
The memories, the feeling and the vibes of Celebrate 17 will last forever.
C17 -_MG_5599

This Anniversary Party is now a staple in the EEEmpire event calendar and we promise to use this momentum to create the greatest Hawaiian Cooler Fete on Carnival Thursday. 
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  1. Zahir Ali - December 20, 2017 11:19 pm

    Y’all events are always LIT ,keep doing what you all do best and let’s always all have fun ! Compliments of the season !


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