Summertime Happiness


Something about the July, August period brings the the urge to experience a bit more of the outdoors. For us at EEEmpire, we’ve been known to frequent Tyrico Bay often for our free beach cooler party series called NAEBL. (Not Another EEEmpire Beach Lime) With its first installment back in January[…]

How to get to Barbahol?

EEEmpire Strikes Back V1 teddy-126

Barbahol takes place off the Maracas Royal Road in Maracas St Joseph. There will be secure parking at the Maracas Community Center. You get there by driving on the Maracas Royal Road (This road is next to La Joya Complex, to the west of Curepe junction) Drive past the bridge[…]

Barbahol is Near

We are now mere days away from witnessing the intriguing & fascinating unveiling of the first event since EEEmpire’s relaunch – BARBAHOL. It’s touted to a celebration of food and dance and the destination for a night before the holiday experience like no other. Barbahol (bar-ba-hol) is a clever, yet[…]

What happened on 9.1.11?

The last hurrah before the reopening of university for many, an after Tribe Ice party for others, whatever it was, this installment of Not Another EEEmpire Beach Lime (NAEBL) was enough to get people out of their seats. A simple formula this time, all inclusive bands for those interested, all[…]