Episode V

EEEmpire strikes

The EEEmpire Strikes Back. We’re back from the future and ready to share an authentic party experience with everyone we know. Nestled in the hills of Maracas St Joseph, we’ve found this house. Overlooking the Maracas Valley, a breathtaking view serves as the perfect backdrop for friends and conversation. As[…]

Summer time in Tobago!


What exactly does this mean for Triple E Fam? Great Fete Weekend of course! This year, Triple E hopes to add to the experience of all by hosting its own beach lime on Friday July 29th. Just the right way to kick off your long Emancipation weekend, without restrictions and[…]

[G3] The Concept: The world is your canvas


Graffiti has been around since the beginning of time. Cavemen used to write their history and beliefs on the walls of caves. Later, Graffiti was used by self taught artists to mark gang territories, to make political statements and to simply express themselves by creating large murals on walls with[…]

The Graffiti Art Show: Week 1


Graffiti has returned to the city of Port of Spain! The award winning show is here. Critics said: “A Riveting experience”, “JAP is just divine when he touches white”, “If all parties were like Graffiti i’d never need a phone book for phone numbers!” The graffiti experience is not only[…]

Tropical LUAU in the Press

Tropical LUAU Photo Shoot-25

Check it out guys! Express Photographer Jermaine Cruickshank shares his tropical LUAU experiences with the world. The article read: “The Party Vibes flowed recently when 3E [the EEEmpire] in collaboration with  Hunters Promotions presented their Tropical Luau – The Hawaiian Poolside Fiesta in Valsayn. As our photos show those attending really could[…]

Coconut Bras and Grass Skirts

grass skirts 1

Imbedded deep within the roots of Hawaiian history are indigenous Hawaiian people with their own festive flavor and style. Following up on expressing our unique definition of LUAU to the world we begin to bring our concepts and ideas to life. Here is where we prove this to you before[…]

Jamborii Mas. Growing Pains.


This year gave birth to a spectacular Campus Carnival Band. Jamborii Mas, Always a Celebration. However, the moment of birth did not come without blood, sweat and tears.   Jarel Torres explained it nicely in a facebook wall post. He said: “Even though half the band was frustrated with the[…]

Jamborii Mas. The End.


The phrase often touted by over enthusiastic Jamborii Mas committee members. Jamborii Mas is a brand new Campus Carnival Band that has already made its way into the hearts, minds and pockets of over 1000 people. What has caused their apparent success? What has been happening with Jamborii on Campus?[…]

The Palancing Centurions

Pilot Armani Fernandes reporting for duty! The Palancing Centurions FLY at Position number 17 Left to Right: Gerard Charles, Kj Hyland, Armani Fernandes (Pilot), Jevon Payne and Stefan McCarthy Red Bull Flugtag, the international flying fiasco where self taught pilots meet home-made flying machines has landed in the Caribbean for[…]