Beach Festival Anywhere

EEEBCF 18 Kyle (235 of 328)

A cross section of the crowd at EEEBCF! We’re grateful to every patron that followed us all the way to Mayaro for the second time in two months. Embracing everything about the BEACH; we hosted our 2nd annual Beach Festival on Republic Day. This event, touted as a festival of[…]

While on the Isle of Molokai


Tropical LUAU, a Hawaiian island party nestled in our western peninsula. Trinidad and Tobago, deep within a state of emergency, left youngsters deprived of their regularly scheduled nightlife. Instead of succumb to the constrains of the curfew, The EEEmpire and friends decided to create a haven for the fun loving[…]

Tropical LUAU – FAQ . 9.11


[Frequently Asked Questions] What time is Tropical Luau? The event starts at 2pm and runs to 9pm. Click on the Picture to see the larger version Where is Tropical Luau? Its at WEST PALM Hotel. 125 Western Main Road, Chagaramas. (This is opposite Crews Inn, 5 minutes drive from Pier[…]