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Duck Work Beach in 2017 draft1q

Last Tuesday we decided to ditch work a bit early and take a ride to Tyrico Bay. We have not been to Tyrico as a team in years and it was like a long awaited homecoming. In some uncanny act of GOD, there was rain everyday except on the Tuesday evening we[…]


EEEmpire Strikes Back Beach SONY-117 copy featured

The EEEmpire Strikes Back on the Beach. Our longtime romance with the beach has now come to a dramatic climax. Somewhere past the beautiful alleyway of coconut trees on the Manzanilla stretch we’ve found a beach. The perfect beach to host all our friends. Here the air is clean and[…]

NAEBL Last Seen now on JULY 29th!

NAEBL Pure Vibes-171

Yesterday we were ready to roll out another instalment of our #NAEBL series. (Click to reserve a seat at the next NAEBL) This beach lime has become part of our local event landscape since 2011 and has since grown from a group of friends playing twister to an all our[…]

Book your Seat for #NAEBL

maxi naebl-1

Our #NAEBL shuttle system is geared toward efficiently getting you from virtually anywhere in Trinidad to the North Coast where our Beach Limes are held. For remote areas we ask that you have a confirmed group of 10 or more. Loading… #NAEBL price list NAEBL Shuttles are usually equipped with[…]

Midsummester Beach

naebl screenshots-1-2

You see for the EEEmpire, summer is never really over. Actually the weekend is never really over. Remember when we said “our weekends are seven days”. Our Midsummester beach lime happened in the middle of the semester so it was an appropriate pun which set the tone for probably the[…]