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Beach Festival Anywhere

EEEBCF 18 Kyle (235 of 328)

A cross section of the crowd at EEEBCF! We’re grateful to every patron that followed us all the way to Mayaro for the second time in two months. Embracing everything about the BEACH; we hosted our 2nd annual Beach Festival on Republic Day. This event, touted as a festival of[…]

Beach Cooler Festival

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Celebrating Red, Black and White on Republic Day we’re hosting another unique showcase of food and culture. This time, we’ve re-approached the party experience developing it into a full on festival of fun and frolic. ABC,123 Our event is an Authentic Beach Cooler Festival and here, all the pleasures synonymous[…]

Beach Festival Tickets

The Culmination of every single Beach Party we ever had.

Tickets are $300 UNISEX Incase you have not heard, EEEmpire Beach Cooler Festival is about to hit the shores of Trinidad and Tobago on Republic Day for the second time. Click here for EVENT INFO.  Click here to BUY ONLINE. Here is a list of authorized committee members, from whom you can[…]


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The quintessential need of any summer time plan – a TRIP TO THE BEACH. At EEEmpire, we’ve pioneered this “Lets go to the Beach” movement. Many years ago, Jasanya Jones, then a core member of EEEmpire rounded up her friends and hosted a Beach Lime for her Birthday. It was this[…]

Barbahol turns 1

Barbahol 2018 K Fred (402 of 423)

Barbahol is now officially one year old. *throws confetti* One year ago, we started bringing our dream of a national BBQ Party, an upgrade of Daniel Francis’ backyard shenanigans to life. (see video below) History of Barbahol from Triple E Fam on Vimeo. Barbahol 18 welcomed for the first time[…]

Barbahol is Back


Ah Barbahol. You have come back to us. Incase you were not aware, Barbahol stands for Bar-B-Que and Alcohol. Simple, yet profound. We’ve taken the best part of a food inclusive event and duplicated it 20x and added much more variety for the price of a regular cooler party. Barbahol[…]

Vote for the Pool Party

EEEmpire Strikes Back 2018 Kyeon (112 of 193)

In March we boldly announced a series of 7 events. The first of these, was our signature EEEmpire Strikes Back House Party. EEEmpire Strikes Back, represents us as a group challenging the status quo providing a full party experience at minimal expense and effort for the patron. This time, we[…]

Tropical LUAU Carnival

Tropical LUAU Kyle Fred Edited (382 of 400)

Tropical LUAU introduced a slice of island life to Trinidad Carnival. From humble beginnings in the backyard of Raj’s house in Valsayn to the lush, vast Green Meadows Estate Tropical LUAU Carnival is the epitome of your Tropical Fete. Tropical LUAU Legacy Tropical LUAU was a concept developed by Ken Sambury[…]

What is a Tropical LUAU?


Tropical LUAU is an island celebration. Combining the elements of the green outdoors and the tempo of Carnival we’ve created a full immersive Tropical experience. Taste Tropical LUAU Tropical LUAU is a food inclusive cooler party. Our plan is to upgrade the usual cooler party offering of Corn Soup and Doubles to[…]

EEEmpire Anniversary Party

Celebrate 17-58

Just about a year ago, we reignited our commitment to keep our nightlife as lit as possible. We embarked upon an ambitious journey, planning a total of seven events from May till December. As Ajala Pilgrim said it best. (see video below) This year we stretched summer to September with[…]