EEEmpire Party

The EEEmpire Striked Back

EEEmpire Strikes Back V1 teddy-111

In the month of May, The EEEmpire, with their friends and family put on the most spectacular FREE house party ever seen. It was so spectacular, everyone probably forgot it was just a ‘small backyard lime’. Deep in the hills of Maracas St Joseph, our heroes set the stage for[…]

Episode V

EEEmpire strikes

The EEEmpire Strikes Back. We’re back from the future and ready to share an authentic party experience with everyone we know. Nestled in the hills of Maracas St Joseph, we’ve found this house. Overlooking the Maracas Valley, a breathtaking view serves as the perfect backdrop for friends and conversation. As[…]

In Crust We Trust

EEEmpire Pizza Buffet-70

We are on a mission to bring people together. This started with our committee and their friends. Our first event under the brand “EEEmpire” was held in 2009, so one can imagine that we have made many friends along the way, throughout the years. Last Sunday, we invited our old[…]

EEEmpire Launch Party


The plan was as simple and ambitious; bring all our friends together and have a party everyone would remember for the rest of their lives. This one event should encompass our motif, simple concepts, euphoric results and prove to Trinidad that we can put together a spectacular show. No pressure.[…]

How Was WHITE Vintage?

IMG_0378-WHite Vintage Dami

Good Feelings. Broadway. Charm and Simplicity. That was VINTAGE. (Full video here)  Our wine and cheese party, set for the Sunday before Christmas was a memorable night! For this instalment of VINTAGE patrons were able to enjoy the sunset and party into the night! Dwayne would tell you all about[…]

VINTAGE photo booth!

IMG_0247-WHite Vintage Dami

For the night of VINTAGE we were very happy to provide a full Photo Booth to all our patrons! Here are some pictures from this! Enjoy

NAEBL Last Seen now on JULY 29th!

NAEBL Pure Vibes-171

Yesterday we were ready to roll out another instalment of our #NAEBL series. (Click to reserve a seat at the next NAEBL) This beach lime has become part of our local event landscape since 2011 and has since grown from a group of friends playing twister to an all our[…]

Our Masquerade Ball

Reverie 3 Masquerade Ball Pics-8-3

Last Thursday, over 1000 people from all over the Caribbean graced the World Famous Zen for our Masquerade Ball. This was our third instalment of “Reverie”; our concept where we allow patrons to live their fantasies by living their “dreams”. The word Reverie is both an English and French word[…]

I need a Mask for Reverie!

reverie masquerade looks-10

Do you need a mask for the Masquerade Ball? er… yeah. Do males have to wear masks too? er… yeah. Is EEEmpire providing the masks? er… imagine you go to a party and every girl is wearing the same dress? would you enjoy that? … thought so! So how do[…]