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Last Tuesday we decided to ditch work a bit early and take a ride to Tyrico Bay. We have not been to Tyrico as a team in years and it was like a long awaited homecoming.

In some uncanny act of GOD, there was rain everyday except on the Tuesday evening we went to the beach. With zero complaints our team of young professionals slipped out of their respective homes and offices to make the commute together to the beach. 

Strategically stopping at points in POS and the Maraval Massy Stores we stocked up on vibes and alcohol. At Tyrico Bay we met Armani Fernandes who was there early who lives south – so this was no ordinary feat. Chairs out and beach mats outspread the lime began. Cards, conversation and plenty laughter was the order of the evening. Duck Work IG 1The sunset was beautiful – and so appropriate as well, as we’re on a mission to include the sunset in all our 2017 events. The golden rays reflected off the calm Tyrico water and provided the setting for fun. This was not a party, so it felt good to unwind and chat for a change.
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Duck Work Beach in 2017 draft1y

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Later that night, we lit a beach bon fire on the sand. The fire attracted other beach goers and we all held hands and sang kumbaya. Well, not exactly kumbaya, but that is how it felt. It felt like white, black, rich, poor there was nothing separating anyone. We were all together as one big family on the beach.

Duck Work Beach in 2017 draft13vacation 2017-07-20 13_40_45It reminded us that this is the type of vibe we intend to share with the rest of Trinidad through our events. Up next is our Beach Lime on Sunday and we’re going to cook, lime and dance on the sand until the sun goes down!

If you are down for the pump. Join us!

PS. no turtles were harmed in the production of this lime.


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