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Beach Cooler Festival

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Celebrating Red, Black and White on Republic Day we’re hosting another unique showcase of food and culture.

This time, we’ve re-approached the party experience developing it into a full on festival of fun and frolic.


Our event is an Authentic Beach Cooler Festival and here, all the pleasures synonymous with our beach culture will be at your finger tips.


Dubbed, EEEBCF short for EEEmpire Beach Cooler Festival, this is the place to relax. This festival allows you the opportunity to enjoy all the pleasures of an evening at the beach. LIVIN TRINI, known for their colourful Maracas murals will line our venue with comfortable, padded beach chairs and parasols. Picture relaxing in the afternoon as the waves beat against the Tyrico coast and enjoying Hookahs from ‘No Brow’ as the sun gradually sets.

EEEBCF Anthony (21 of 26) .

Recline in the shade on comfortable padded chairs courtesy LIVIN TRINI


An example of what to wear the EEEBCF. Swimwear is a must but feel free to accessorize with wraps or shorts!

An example of what to wear at EEEBCF. Swimwear is a must but feel free to accessorize with wraps or shorts!


Don’t forget your Trinidad and Tobago Flags & Bandanas. Bring your Red, White and Black!


The world renowned Richard’s Bake and Shark will have a full multilane set up inside our event. Enjoy an unlimited supply of Bake and Shark without leaving the party. As if that was not enough, once you purchase a physical ticket you will receive a chit for one time use. This will allow you to purchase a Bake and Shark at $2.00 during the food happy hour!

Richards Bake and Shark will be served at EEEBCF

Richards Bake and Shark will be served at EEEBCF

Want to avoid the Bake and Shark lines? Banana Joes Outdoor Cafe, will be operating out of a 20 Foot; fully self contained trailer. Banana Joes has been a HIT at local food festivals such as Bess Fess and will be at Beach Cooler Festival ready to serve a wide variety of delicacies including pulled pork, fish and vegan options.

banana joes burger

Gourmet Sliders anyone?

banana joe trailer

Banana Joes, the HIT at Bess Fess is coming to Beach Cooler Festival!


Maybe you need something lighter? Ice Cream Treats, Chow 868 and Gourmet Hospitality will serve you a variety of sweet and savoury dishes for every palete.



$3.00 for Full Cups of RUM at EEEBCF (5pm-6pm)

This is a “Cooler” Festival. So patrons are encouraged to stock up on their alcohol in plastic bottles from home. Just incase you decide to come with your two hands swinging we’ve got you covered. A fully stocked Bar in the center of the party with a section for ladies only – because ladies must not line up! Our $1.00 Beer and $3.00 Rum Happy Hour specials will be served from this main bar without chits. Happy Hour EEEBCF 18Making it extra easy to get your drinks; finish your drink to get another one. We’ve also partnered with Good Times Cocktails to serve up their much loved rum punch for $4.00 as the penultimate Happy Hour. You will have to fight hard to maintain sobriety at Beach Cooler Festival.


As the norm with our events this festival will carry you on a musical journey throughout history, across genres culminating in the hits of today. Deanna-Lee, one of our patrons said our Djs “make my carnival reveler come out, my gaza Barbie jump out, my hood chick and inner white girl come alive.”
Free Kartel or nah?

When last did you hear this song?

Soca is our most important session! Hits of today and yesterday! Flag Crews unite, Beach Cooler Festival invites you to bring your flags, sail banners and wave them throughout the night.


Our Cabana concept, starting at our Beach Festival in 2017 is a private, luxurious way to celebrate. Each Cabana is outfitted with a cocktail table, ottomans and your choice of Champagnes, Wines or other premium liquor. This is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday or simply celebrate life.


This is EEEBCF!

Release all your inhibitions and dance barefoot in the sand. Beach Cooler Festival is a classic.

Click here for tickets.

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