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We just wanted to have a backyard BBQ party. What made Barbahol not just any backyard party was that for us at the EEEmpire, it felt like now or never. This was our first major event since our December relaunch. (click here for pics)
2017-06-29 09_37_06
This was not a test – this was it. Here is where we would show what we are made of. That anticipation coupled with the auspicious nature of the EEEmpire team had everyone asking – what is a Barbahol?

Barbahol <noun> pronounced bar-bah-Hall
A celebration at which meat, fish, or other food is cooked outdoors on a grill and coupled with the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The concept revolves around different people or crews bringing their unique dishes and sharing these ‘during the day’ followed by partying ‘in the night’.


tEAm poses

The ideology behind this was to allow for a socialization element that has been missing in most events – where you can actually talk to and meet people. During this period the music was a bit softer and individuals walked from tent to tent sampling food items. As the lines got a bit longer, conversations sparked and many sowed seeds for later dancing.


As the sun set, and the smoke rose into the air the party got drastic. The music selection was relatable to everyone in attendance and this broke down most barriers. It was like partying with one thousand friends you just met.

Barbahol-241 The girl you stood next to in the queue for BBQ was now throwing back her waistline because the music made her do it!

Overcoming Challenges

During the vibes we attempted to push the envelope with GTC sharing and drinking games.That didn’t exactly work out as planned as the party was full by 7:30pm thus absorbing all extra space. What we didn’t anticipate was 700 people all arriving at the same time, between 6pm and 7pm. Primarily because the ladies 2 on 1 and guest list had a specific cut off time. This caused traffic and put pressure on our shuttle system. Thankfully, through the patience and understanding of our patrons everyone eventually arrived at Barbahol safely.


The End Result

Picture a sea of friends and friends of friends singing, dancing and partying together.

Barbahol-331Imagine Sekon Sta on the microphone, reminiscent of his Vibes Fusion Family days as a Dj – whipping the crowd into a frenzy with an original performance of his Soca hit Kings and Queens. Imagine hearing hits from every single dance hall era. Usually phones would come out to record a performance – in this party – people’s phones came out to record the vibes. (see video below)

With each selection the crowd was whipped into an endless frenzy and charged up for the entire night! Noting both the ups and the downs, we are planning again and do intend to make Barbahol an annual celebration of good food, good people and good vibes.

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