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Barbahol is Near

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We are now mere days away from witnessing the intriguing & fascinating unveiling of the first event since EEEmpire’s relaunch – BARBAHOL. It’s touted to a celebration of food and dance and the destination for a night before the holiday experience like no other.

Barbahol (bar-ba-hol) is a clever, yet deliberate expression of 2 of the favorite elements of EEEmpire event lovers – Bar-b-que & Alcohol. Also ladies, you enjoy a 2 on 1 ticket special until sunset (6pm) as just one of the ways that EEEmpire plans on showing their appreciation to you.

The evening belongs to the patrons as the sun sets on the scenic La Soledad Estate, dining on exotically prepared delights including both meat & vegetarian options. An assortment of kebabs, (list couple other meals) will all contribute to the culinary experience on the night.

Make memories with your old friends, while meeting new ones; enjoying your favorite drinks from your coolers or from the fully stocked bar serviced by the most chic bartendenders. Plan your ‘shots’ with your crew from now because there is going to be 5000 gallons of GTC all night long for enjoyment.

Whether you prefer to jump, fist pump or wine down low; lose complete control to the beats of the best soca, dancehall, edm, hip-hop & pop all night long. The dj cast has been carefully seasoned with experience & spice resulting in the most epic night of vibes as they take you on a musical journey. Surprises are as EEEmpire as Co2 so you know both are guaranteed!

Drinking & driving is against the EEEmpire code so get your shuttles from Gulf City, Movie Towne, Grand Bazar & from the Marcaras Community Center. Contact the respective numbers for shuttle reservations – Movie Towne 328-9797. Grand Bazar 783-6625. Gulf City 687-9425.

For tickets & more information contact… and follow The EEEmpire on IG, Snapchat?? Facebook for more information.

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