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Barbahol is Back


Ah Barbahol. You have come back to us.

Incase you were not aware, Barbahol stands for Bar-B-Que and Alcohol. Simple, yet profound.

We’ve taken the best part of a food inclusive event and duplicated it 20x and added much more variety for the price of a regular cooler party.
Barbahol-2018-Menu-Visual_Menu sml

Barbahol features a whopping TWENTY ONE food stations. Access to your dish of choice is made easy.

Let us walk you through your Barbahol experience.

It will begin with your arrival at the beautiful and scenic Ortinola Estate. Parking attendants will show you to our five acres of free secure parking next to our venue.
Ortinola Estate is no normal venue. The Ortinola Great House is a slice of our history, created out of a colonial land grant in the 1800s. On the estate you will find an authentic coffee house, Poui Trees and an amazing expanse of lush green land.


Rain? No sir, no rain could stop this dance. Ortinola Estate has a large paved area in the midst of all this green – so we get the best of both worlds.

Imagine the entire venue wrapped with food options from your favorite crews. We will also include a special vending village to give patrons access to delights such as alcoholic snow-cones and ice-cream.

Barbahol layout 91 sml

A wide variety of food will be shared and you can eat to your heart’s content until 7pm.

Teams gather from far and wide and join in on the celebration.
When the sun sets, the party starts. This is the EEEmpire way. “Eat in the day, dance in the night” is our slogan for Barbahol.


Better pack your drinks.

What would you put your drinks in?


The party usually gets drastic real quick.

And the crowd usually sings their favorite songs to the top of their lungs.

Celebrate 17 – The ROYAL CASTLE Song in Barbahol from Triple E Fam on Vimeo.

Chose your bumper wisely – You may need to hold on to your soul.

This is it!

Barbahol is a serious thing.

Barbahol 2017 AfterMovie from Triple E Fam on Vimeo.

Tickets are $300.00 inclusive of food from 4pm-7pm.
Next week Saturday. Barbahol is back!

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