We are a Caribbean Based Event and Project Management Firm

Simple Concepts, Euphoric Results!


The EEEmpire stands for Empire, Entertainment, Everything. Our goal is to provide the people around us with a premium and reliable choice for entertainment. Expect to drink and eat to your heart’s content and shout to the top of your lungs until your voice is lost. Don’t blame it on us though, blame it on the Dj! People call us, EEE or Triple E, but whatever you call us the things we stand for will always be the same. Of late we have been diversifying to accentuate your experience both in and out of the limelight. Browse this site to see what we mean!
Established October 2008.

Our Approach

1. Idea

It all starts here. In the abyss of those deep brainstorming sessions where imagination runs wild we come up with new ideas everyday. Sometimes its something as simple as laminating an invitation and wearing it around our neck as a chain, or taking everyone with us everytime we go to the beach. We take pride in our ideas and it flatters us when someone duplicates them!

2. Our People

At EEE, our team has been hand picked based on their experience and academic achievements in the fields of Event Planning, Communications, Project Management, Marketing, Photography and Film. Rest assured you are in good hands with us.

3. EEExecution

We are dedicated to getting the job done. This means that in case of a hurricane warning, a state of emergency or whatever else the local climate may present customer satisfaction will never be sacrificed. At our events expect the party to last a little longer than expected and have a little extra than we said. Its easier for us to show you, browse our videos to understand what we mean.

4. Memories Everlasting

At EEE we pride our self on preserving memories forever through candid photos and videos. Anyone can make use of our quality photo and video to preserve your memories too, just scroll down to our services section. Also check our galleries, maybe you be in a picture or two.