And I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties there isn't any privacy.

#ThisIsVintage - December 22nd

About us

WE ARE The EEEmpire

Simple Concepts, Euphoric Results! Satisfaction Guaranteed.

The EEEmpire stands for Empire, Entertainment, Everything. We are a unique and dynamic group. Our goal is simply to provide the people around us with a premium and reliable choice for entertainment. Expect to drink and eat to your heart’s content and shout to the top of your lungs until your voice is lost. Don’t blame it on us though, blame it on the Dj! People call us, EEE or Triple E, but whatever you call us the things we stand for will always be the same. Of late we have been diversifying to accentuate your experience both in and out of the limelight. Scroll down to see what we mean! Established October 2008.

Our approach

1. Idea

It all starts here. In the abyss of those deep brainstorming sessions where imagination runs wild we come up with new ideas everyday. Sometimes its something as simple as laminating an invitation and wearing it around our neck as a chain, or taking everyone with us everytime we go to the beach. We take pride in our ideas and it flatters us when someone duplicates them!

2. Our People

At EEE our team has been hand picked based on their experience and academic achievements in the fields of Event Planning, Communications, Project Management, Marketing, Photography and Film. Rest assured you are in good hands with us.

3. EEExecution

We are dedicated to getting the job done. This means that in case of a hurricane warning, a state of emergency or whatever else the local climate may present customer satisfaction will never be sacrificed. At our events expect the party to last a little longer than expected and have a little extra than we said. Its easier for us to show you, scroll down to view our works.

4. Memories Everlasting

At EEE we pride our self on preserving memories forever through candid photos and videos. Anyone can make use of our quality photo and video to preserve your memories too, just scroll down to our services section. Also check our galleries, maybe you be in a picture or two.

Our team

Stefan Guevara

Human Resource Specialist & Bar Manager
Education: BA Education (completed)

Stefan believes each team is only as strong as its weakest link. As such he has worked hard to carefully select individuals who fit their roles and have the mental and physical tenacity to see tasks through from start to finish. Stefan ensures deadlines are met and productivity is at its highest. Any issues\concerns\problems with a team member? Wanna become a team member? Talk to Stefan. Thats just half of it, Stefan is often seen in the back of our bar, managing the proceedings.

Joshua Brizan

Education: BA Mass Communications (currently pursuing)

Joshua Brizan is a talented self taught photographer, committed to efficiently creating new media through still images. Currently residing in the East West Corridor of Trinidad, Josh lives in the heart of activity and is responsible for immortalizing every EEE initiative. Joshua is also pursuing his BA in Mass Communications at COSTAATT providing an excellent backdrop to hone his Photography Skills.

Falana Chan

Decorator & Philanthropist
Education: ASS Operations Systems Management (completed)

Falana is a professional philanthropist and an innovative interior decorator. Outstanding in Falana’s list of accolades include three years working at the St Mary’s Children’s Home from 2004 to 2006 and her membership of the Leo Club of Port of Spain North. Falana has been a member of this club for the past six years culminating in her presidency from 2011 till 2012. Not only is she quick to serve others, but she is quick to ensure The EEEmpire stays properly decorated both inside and outside for all our events.

Shelana Richardson

Communications Specialist
Education: ABE Advanced Diploma in Business Information Systems (completed)
Bsc Computing Information Systems with Hons (completed)

Shelana is fully responsible for that terrible photo you were tagged in at that last EEE event. Shelana oversees the media aspect, particularly reporters, all photographers and videographers privileged to cover our activities. She is also our official copywriter and she writes, edits and proofs promotional or publicity copy for print or electronic publications. Did we mention that she’s also a talented artiste? Her love for writing transcends in her musical endeavours which have properly equipped her with the charismatic confidence to take up the reins as one of the hosts of EEEmpireTV.

Ken Sambury

Marketing and Branding Specialist
Education: ASS Public Relations and Journalism (completed)
ASS Information Systems Management (completed)
BA Mass Communications (currently pursuing)

Ken is the all spark. The guy who is personally responsible for putting it all together at the beginning and directing the group throughout the years. Today his role has been refined to what he loves, Marketing and Media. Ken boasts 4 years experience in the fields of Marketing, Branding, Social Media Management, Consumer Collecting and Event Coordination with companies such as Red Bull,, Sandbox Great Fete Weekend, The World Famous Zen and COSTAATT..

Armani Fernandes

Procurement & Logistics Manager

Armani is the ‘Palance Master’. Still, he understands the difference between work and play, Armani is known for getting the job done. Armani is currently employed at Trinsulate 2 Caribbean Limited a Petro-Chemical Service Company where he is a Procurement & Logistics Manager by day and CEO by night. As if that was not enough, Armani is also a freelance digital marketer and has worked for many, including McCann Erickson, and MAC Cosmetics.

The EEEnsemble


#teamNPO Kristoff Alexander, Kwesi Isi, Ricardo Moore, Ricardo Henry. Damion Gordon, Anthony ‘Breezy’ Joseph, Josanne Maxwell, Ajala Joseph, Aquilah Bachan, Georgia Arthur, Triston Palmer, Che Mark Edwards, Tishanna Sankar Maraj. The EEEnsemble is our group of dedicated and active committee members. These individuals are authorised to dispense information about our group and make non monetary representations on our behalf.

Jonathan Morgan

Legal Aid
Education: LLB Law (completed)

At EEE we are not content with simply being cool, thus we must ensure that we act responsibly and conduct business in accordance with the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago. Jonathan advises on what we can and of course cannot do legally as well as the potential ramifications of actions taken. Also, because we are adamant to protect the creativity of members and ensure they are recognised for their ideas and innovations, he would provide support if there was any violation of our group’s rights.



Event Management.
We consider putting events together a delicate process. Once this process is done well, the event can create indelible memories in the minds of all. Allow us to plan your event and you get the cumulative experience of the entire EEE team and a better event that could fit any pocket.
How do we do it?
Well because of our larger events, we have built relationships with internal and external suppliers who have all agreed to offer their services at the best prices without compromising the quality of their services. Why we do it?
Passion. We absolutely love putting that smile on your face and the face of all your friends. Even more we love capturing these smiles on still and moving images, preserved in the vortex of youtube and facebook. Maybe you want to handle it yourself. Still you do not have to handle it ALL by yourself, let us change your Birthday Party, Going away Soiree, Family Reunion or Sweet Sixteen from Drama to DRAMATIC.
Choose how we can help:

  • Bars. Food.
  • Decor & Special Effects.
  • Stage. Lights. Music. Entertainment.
  • EEEverything!


Marketing, Social Media & Branding Consultation.
...So you want a Facebook Page. It’s for a business and you have no idea how to navigate the social media stratosphere? Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare? Which to choose? Don’t lose your audience with irrelevant material stolen from ‘whachubbleisthis’! Create your own content and make it viral! We’ll show you how.
...So you want to throw a party. But for some reason you cannot come up with a proper name or concept. DO NOT name it after the last song you heard on the radio, or steal someone else’s idea! You can avail yourself of a quick, no strings attached consultation where we will share ideas with you freely and even help you to execute these ideas.
…So you want a Company. And you decide to call it ‘Spottieottiedopaliscious’ because that’s your favorite Outkast song. Maybe a Better name? Maybe that name is perfect and the public just needs to understand it.
Let us guide your business by providing advice and support to boost:

  • Social Media.
  • Sales.
  • Conceptualization.
  • Advertising.


Media Management.
...So You have a great Birthday Lime, Bar B Que or Sports Day. And you enjoy it for one day, won’t it be great if you can enjoy it for a lifetime?
Immortalise your events with high quality candid photo and video coverage with professional quality without a ridiculous price.
...So You have an assignment for school and want a competitive edge, or a boost to get you to that 100%? We have student packages for you starting from $200.00 for video editing or photography.
...Best of all, why not have your event covered not simply by an experienced photographer, but by an educated photographer who will understand the purpose of your pictures or video. Also we have two official hosts, Lori Ferdinand and Shelana Richardson who can add that personal touch to your video!
Contact us for:

  • Videography.
  • Cinematography.
  • Photography.
  • Web Development.



And then your mind wonders...

Reverie is the product of our imagination. At EEEmpire we intend to take you along with us as we daydream at least once a year.

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All we need is a little beach...

Not Another EEEmpire Beach Lime. Its a simple concept. We pack our coolers and all go on the beach on the same day, at the same time. However, after 10 Beach Limes, NAEBL has grown into an all out fiesta of Sand, Sea and Bikinis. Here you have the choice to unwind near the water and enjoy the sea breeze or sway your hips to the pulsating rhythms of the speakers on the sand.

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Tropical Luau.

No Trini Summer is complete without a Tropical LUAU

Tropical LUAU is a marvellous Hawaiian-themed extravaganza with a unique blend of water, freedom and food that can send any person into a comfortable state of euphoria.

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The Fraternity

Birthday Club / Calendar


Practically every weekend there is a lime and sometimes we at EEE are the ones responsible for it. Sometimes its a sombre mood, wonton abandonment in tobago or maybe just food tasting for Tropical Luau.

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Our Sponsors


  • Red Bull Energy Drink
    This is the only brand to sponsor every single event we have had since November 2009. Red Bull has helped us grow and given us the wiiings to achieve greater heights.

  • Epidemic Tease
    Our official jersey sponsor. We put on these cool jerseys, but where do we get them from? You can get your own, go to Bluegrass and pick up one or make a request via Facebook .

  • Trinsulate Caribbean
    For everything heavy that needed to be moved. Through their supply of specialised equipment and highly skilled machine operators, we have been able to ‘set the stage’ for our events.



  • Smirnoff Vodka
    Smirnoff has had faith in us for a while and because of them we have been able to outfit our bartenders and provide Vodka for all. True harmony exists with this brand as we both aim to provide something that is “Not the Usual”.

  • Body Art Caribbean
    Feeling for a little artistic expression, Body Art Caribbean can do it. Whether its airbrushed art or tattoos, a simple idea can be turned into breathtaking artwork.

  • Coca Cola
    Having good, clean fun has become a major factor in our events no matter the weather. By producing ideas that are as equally refreshing as the drink, EEEmpire treasures Coca Cola’s continued support in opening happiness.



  • Tropical Rhythms
    No doubt, at any of our events, you will “feel the rhythm” when you sip on this tasty beverage made from the flavourful, exotic fruits of the Caribbean.

  • Lucozade
    Fueling the body and soul to keep up with our hectic schedules. When preparing for an event, buying material or setting up the venue, a Lucozade is always within reach.

  • Col Cafe(coffee)
    For those long nights of planning memorable events, Colcafe keeps us going into the wee hours of the morning

  • Verge Marketing, FDS Models & +1 Models
    At times we can’t do it ALL by ourselves so we enlist the assistance of these agencies to provide brand ambassadors who help promote or add a bit of spice to our endeavours.

  • Krystyan “Dream Life” Brendon
    Taking our ideas and ‘sometimes awful’ drawings to create cool, crisp graphics.

Let's keep in touch

Need to speak to us for anything? Want to work with us for any of our projects? Don't hesitate to contact us:

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21 Dahlia Road, Macoya Gardens, Tunapuna

Phone: 868-760-4889

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