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Barbahol 2018

St Joseph, Trinidad

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Mayaro, Trinidad

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Maracas Road, Trinidad

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Late Registration is closed. If you are a member of RENLIM, Milner Hall, Caribbean Legacy, Fidato, SAL Hall or C Hall contact your chair or crew leader for tickets. If not see below: Register here & a committee member will bring you a ticket: Or you can purchase tickets[…]

Tropical LUAU Kyle Fred Edited (382 of 400)

Tropical LUAU introduced a slice of island life to Trinidad Carnival. From humble beginnings in the backyard of Raj’s house in Valsayn to the lush, vast Green Meadows Estate Tropical LUAU Carnival is the epitome of your Tropical Fete. Tropical LUAU Legacy Tropical LUAU was a concept developed by Ken Sambury[…]


Tropical LUAU is an island celebration. Combining the elements of the green outdoors and the tempo of Carnival we’ve created a full immersive Tropical experience. Taste Tropical LUAU Tropical LUAU is a food inclusive cooler party. Our plan is to upgrade the usual cooler party offering of Corn Soup and Doubles to[…]

EEEmpire Launch Party ky-83

A little over a year ago Ken and Sekon Sta boldly sealed a deal with Estate 101 to have a joint launch – propelling themselves into the entertainment limelight using events as the catalyst. Since there we’ve had a run of eight events, almost one a month attracting large audiences from near and[…]

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